RACI Titration Competition

    RACI Titration Competition

    Secondary schools are invited to enter teams in the State and National Titration Competitions.

    The RACI titration competitions are designed to encourage those students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their skills and to reward those who attain a high level of proficiency.

    All secondary schools are invited to compete in their local state-based competition.

    Entrants compete in teams of three (3).

    In the competition, each team performs a simple acid-base titration exercise.

    Each team will standardise a sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution against a supplied hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution and then is to standardise three (3) acetic acid solutions with the sodium hydroxide solution.


    Judging will be on the basis of the values each team reports for the titres and concentrations of the NaOH and acetic acid solutions. Teams will be ranked on how close they get to the actual concentration.

    The top teams in each State competition will be invited to represent their state in the National Finals during Term 3.

    All national finalists receive a gold or silver badge and a team plaque is awarded to outstanding teams.

    Teachers & School Laboratory Technicians Titration Challenge 2018

    Can you titrate as well as your students? 

    Nathan Nicholas from Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg Victoria is the 2018 Titration Challenge winner!!

    The Titration Challenge is offered to teachers and scientific assistants who want to test their titration skills.

    Participants individually performed the same analysis as that performed by students in the finals of the Australian National Titration competition.

    This year there were 10 participants, of whom 5 submitted results of an Excellent standard.


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     Thursday 30 May 2019 from 5 - 8 pm          

    Research School of Chemistry (Building 136), The Australian National University     Dr Tristan Reekie 

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