RACI Crystal Growing Competition

    RACI Crystal Growing Competition

    All schools are invited to be part of the National Crystal Growing Competition

    Do you want to have fun with science?

    Would you like to do some simple chemical experiments?

    Then enter the RACI Crystal Growing Competition and learn all about growing beautiful crystals.

    Crystals are everywhere. Just think of our daily lives. Sugar and salt are crystals. LCD computer and TV screens have many tiny crystals inside. Where else can you find crystals? How about your classroom?

    The aim of the competition is to grow your very own crystals in six weeks.

    Crystals to be judged in two (2) categories for each age division:

    1. ALUM – The best single crystal of (potash) alum (potassium aluminium sulphate dodecahydrate).
    2. OPEN – The best single crystal of any substance that can be safely sent through the mail. – PLEASE NOTE THIS IS APPLICABLE TO QUEENSLAND ONLY


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