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    ANCQ 2020

    The ANCQ will be held in Australia this year on Monday 27 July 2020 * 

    Entry costs will be AUD$6.00 (incl GST) per student for the hard copy Quiz, with a discounted rate of $5.00 for online entries.

    (NZ only - flat rate = AUD $5 per student)

    The ANCQ is a unique chemical education activity. It provides a major focus for secondary school students on the relevance of chemistry in an exciting and stimulating way. The RACI invites all students to participate in the ANCQ.

    The ANCQ aims to promote interest in chemistry and the role of chemists in our society. The ANCQ is not a nationwide assessment of chemistry knowledge, but rather an opportunity to promote Chemistry and for teachers to gauge the understanding their students have of the subject.

    The ANCQ is not a test of syllabus content. While some questions will rely on knowledge and understanding covered as part of studying the Australian Curriculum, we have endeavoured to make the quiz interesting and to promote chemistry and chemical thinking. Questions that go beyond what is covered in syllabus documents should be able to be answered by students applying their knowledge and understanding to stimulus material provided in the questions. Some questions that are designed to challenge more able students may be/will be included.

    All students receive a Certificate of Participation and we anticipate that 40% of all entrants will receive Certificates of Merit to acknowledge their efforts at Credit, Distinction and High Distinction levels. Students who obtain a perfect score of 30 out of 30 receive a Certificate of Excellence and a Lapel Pin. Students are encouraged to engage with the questions and are not penalised for incorrect answers. Students will only be competing with other students from their country or state, in the same year level.

    The ANCQ is truly an international competition with papers translated into seven different languages. The Quiz attracts students throughout Australia and 23 other countries, including India, Germany and China. We anticipate an even greater response for next year’s Quiz including students from Europe and the Middle East.

    The Quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes, either in paper format or online.

    The age divisions are:

    • Junior – Years 7-8
    • Intermediate – Years 9-10
    • Senior – Year 11
    • Final – Year 12

     * (Some flexibility does exist if this date clashes with another school event)

    ANCQ Past Papers are now available. Please visit our store, or click on the link below, to purchase all year levels.


    Size: 3.89 MB
    Size: 2.40 MB
    raci ancq schools competition

    Chemical Resource Centre

    The RACI has produced a free resource database for teachers to use as a teaching aid.

    It has been divided into 4 Units, and includes latest news, research articles and demonstrations that both students and teachers alike will find beneficial for their chemistry knowledge and understanding.

    Also available at ancq.moodle.com.au
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    ancq competition

    Please note: If you are located in Singapore you will not be able to purchase past papers from the store. For further enquiries please email the ANCQ team at ancq@raci.org.au




                DATE                                                                LOCATION     CONTACT
     Wednesday 22 July 2020                                      Hong Kong 

     Mr Ricky Yeung

     Thursday 23 July 2020 Vietnam

     Quynh Lien LE

     Saturday 25 July 2020 Sri Lanka

     Mr N I N S Nadarasa

     Monday 27 July 2020    Australia, Brunei, China, Fiji, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,   Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Western Samoa 

     ANCQ Team

    30 September 2020 India
    28 October 2020 Gulf                                            
     India and the Gulf Region  Dr. Brijesh Pare

     TBA 2020 

     Indonesia  Chow Chung How


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